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20 Hookers Baits Rigs OFFER


Chose any 20 rigs to be hand made in our shop and delivered. Please make sure you write in the additional comments box what rigs you would like to have. We can make any rig with any hook size etc tailored to your specification.
Price: 35.00



Cuttlefish are a member of the Octopus and squid family and are a natural food source for fish such as Cod and Conger Eel. The larger Cuttles are ideal for deep sea fishing from boats due to their strong smell and toughness ideal for fish such as codling, dogfish and flatties. There are between 2-5 Cuttles per packet, depending on their size. If you prefer a certain size please let us now when ordering and we have no problem selecting your preferred choice. Cuttlefish are similar to Loligo Squid, they are full of black ink and this is what gives them a much better advantage over the usual calamari.
Price: 3.70

Small Hermit Crabs


Hermit crabs are a brilliant winter bait, mainly due to the fact that hidden away in their shells is a 'sack' full of juices which give off an extremely strong scent. When the peelers have finished peeling, hermits become a great substitute. They have become a popular choice with the shore anglers and when fishing for smoothounds .There are usually 6-8 per packet. These are also a fantastic bait for flatties and Bass in the summer months.
Price: 2.50
Out of Stock

Peeled Peeler Crabs. MATCH READY
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 These Peelers have been ready peeled and de-lunged so all you need to do is pierce the bag and defrost. They are probably the best bait you can get. They are extremely popular for Bass in the summer and Cod in the winter. The crabs are usually around the size of a 50p piece once peeled. It is a good idea to use bait elastic once on the hook to hold the crab in place. There are between 4-6 per packet depending on size. 
Price: 5.50
Out of Stock

Peelers in shell (frozen)


 These frozen peelers are blast frozen once the shell has begun lifting off the back. This makes it a lot easier to peel when defrosted. There are 4-6 crabs per packet depending on size. The frozen peelers are always in short supply so it's a good idea to order well in advance where possible.
Price: 5.00
Out of Stock

Razorfish in the shell.


Huge Scottish Razors 4-5 per pack. Hand dived shells so the best quality you can buy! 

Razorfish are one of the most natural baits to use on most coastlines, this is due to the fact that Razorfish are found on the low water line on many beaches throughout the UK, therefore it makes sense to think that most fish are used to eating razors. Many anglers use razors during the winter time as the water is often murky and the scent from a razorfish is extremely poingnent. It is difficult to get rid of the smell of your hands after using them however they are well worth the hassle. We always have them delivered live and then we blast freeze them to ensure they hold their freshness. 
Price: 3.50

Snake Launce


Snake Launce are extremely rare and are a fantastic bait for Bass and rays during the summer months. These are the bestsellers and there are between 3-5 per packet. Also used alot for Pike fishing too. 
Price: 4.50
Out of Stock

English Softback Crabs


 Softback crabs are what is left when a peeler crabs has shed its shell. The beauty about these is you won't find any shell or hard bits on this bait, it is like jelly. The best jellies are those which are blast frozen as soon as the crab has popped out. These are a deadly bait for most species of fish and are often cheaper than peelers. Softback crabs are usually packed without the legs and claws to make it easier for the angler. You can defrost them and cut them into baits or use them whole and away you go.
                 Presentation of the crab can make the difference between hooking or missing the fish. Cut it in half down the body then fold the crab in half but fold it so the leg sockets etc are on the outside, this ensures all the juices are not held inside the bait when threading elastic around it. Feed the crab over the point of the hook and up the shank weaving in and out of the body where you can, then secure the bait with thin elastic thread, leaving the hook point well clear. These crabs are brilliant all year round baits for catching many different species, In the summer the Bass and the winter the Cod to name a few. 

Price: 4.75

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